Yesterday’s video blog had such a positive response that I decided that I will do more video blogs. Today’s video blog is, of course, about the Crescenta Valley PLE and how YOU can help me eliminate it’s scope and reach.

I wasn’t sure, but I think that youtube has a time limit. So when I got to ten minutes I got a little nervous and did a short part 2.
I know it seems long… but hey– watch it anyway– you can spare 15 minutes of your life. I know you can.

Here is the first video link: https

You should easily be able to find part 2 on my youtube channel– but just in case– here is a link to part 2:

Thanks for watching, and I hope to see you get involved.

Barbara Rae


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DATED: August 7, 2012

PROJECT TITLE: Celebrate Diversity Crescenta Valley, CA
A gathering of different cultures from around California (and the country, and the world) to share food, art, music, and fun. My intent being, to make all races/cultures/ethnicities feel welcome and valued, as well as to send a message to any white separatists in the Crescenta Valley area, that Southern California is a place of diversity and tolerance. A diversity fair would also be an effective way to reach out to Crescenta Valley youth, some of whom may have been raised in an intolerant household/environment.
This proposal is to gain support and backing to initiate the planning stages, and subsequent execution, of a Diversity Fair in Southern California in the Crescenta Valley area north of Los Angeles.

While browsing the internet I ran across a term that I was unfamiliar with: PLE. I did some research and found that PLE stands for “Pioneer Little Europe.” It’s a code word that white supremacists use to describe communities that are “white friendly.” Without the sugar-coated rhetoric, PLEs are areas where white supremacists (AKA White Nationalists) have decided to take over. They move to the area in large numbers and chase people of other races and ethnicities out of town. I continued my research and discovered that the creation of PLEs are the instrument that many white supremacists are counting on to allow them to put their hand-picked political leaders in office and increase their power in the United States (and around the world for that matter).
According to many of the racist websites that I visited while researching this topic, including the massive “,” the most successful PLE in the United States is in Kalispell, Montana. I am a resident of Los Angeles and was disheartened to see that there is a PLE community only about thirty miles north of my home. The area of Crescenta Valley is celebrated by white racists as a PLE with a more than 70% white majority. In fact in late March 2012 more than 100 residents of the area held a “European American Heritage Festival” which was a thinly veiled white supremacist rally in the Crescenta Valley park.
Learning about these PLEs and the Crescenta Valley PLE and reading the hateful remarks made by racist residents and supporters of PLEs made me want to take action before it is too late. The situation in Kalispell, Montana has become rather serious. Here is a link to a news article about the unrest there:

My immediate thought was to stage a protest in the Cresenta Valley area in an effort to let the residents know that we are aware of what is happening there and that it will not be condoned in Southern California; then it came to me: why not hold a Diversity Fair in the very park in Crescenta Valley that recently hosted the European American Heritage fair? A gathering of different cultures from around California (and the country and the world) could convene in one place and share food, art, music, and fun. This would send a peaceful and clear- cut message to the white separatists in Crescenta Valley that Southern California is a place of diversity and tolerance. A diversity fair may also be an effective way to reach out to Crescenta Valley youth, many of whom may have been raised by extremely intolerant parents.
I hope that this message will reach the hearts of others who are willing and able to donate time, money, talent and expertise to this cause. If you cannot help with this endeavor but would like to support my efforts please feel free to forward this message or to give me the names of people or organizations you feel may be able to help. Anything you can do would be appreciated.
Thank you for taking the time to consider my idea. Here is some further reading regarding PLEs. (if you browse around this horrible website you will find a great deal of information and talk about PLEs, including the one in the Cresecenta Valley).


Thank you,
Celebrate Diversity Southern California Director Barbara Rae Young