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I call BS.!
By Barbara Rae Young

Have you heard the white nationalist’s official mantra?

I have. And I’m writing this today to tell you why it’s a giant load of BS.

If you’ve spent any time reading comments on the internet (especially on youtube) you may have run across the mantra, or bits of it, in comments sections all over the internet.
One of the main recruitment strategies of white nationalists is to flood (or swarm as they call it) the internet with this mantra in order to plant a seed of confusion in the minds of white people and eventually bring them to the cause of white nationalism.

Here is the official mantra: “Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, but white countries for everybody? Anti-racist is a code-word for anti-white.”

And here is why this entire argument is nothing but crap.

1. I don’t think that whoever penned this so-called mantra really spent a lot of time doing their research first. In fact, I think they spent NO time at all researching the facts behind their claims. Because I just spent a couple of hours researching this, and—I’ll tell you what, it’s just not true.

“Africa for the Africans”: I looked at three countries in Africa—South Africa, Kenya, and Uganda.
South Africa has a very diverse population, including many black Africans, Arabs, and white Europeans. White Europeans- -most coming from the UK have been one of the largest immigrant groups to come INTO South Africa over the last few years. In fact since 2003 the number of white British migrants coming to South Africa has risen by more than 50%!

Kenya’s population isn’t quite as diverse although a significant number of white people of European ancestry still call Kenya home. White Europeans have a great deal of political clout in Kenya—especially among the Kenyan elite.

Uganda is the most homogenous of the three African countries I looked at. And still, there are a significant number of non- black Africans, Arabs, and Asians in Uganda.

“Asia for the Asians:” what you find in Asia is a completely different way of thinking about race than you have in the western world. The political climate of the area also plays a huge roll in the diversity of each country. Communist China, for instance, has many different racial groups—but most of them are Chinese in origin—they are simply from different areas.
Japan, on the other hand is politically more progressive than China and race really isn’t even an issue there as far as the government is concerned.While some 98.5% of the population of Japan is listed as “Japanese” that number is racially misleading. The Japanese census makes no distinction between races. The census only asks people their nationality. Therefore, if you were born in another country but have become a Japanese citizen—you are considered Japanese regardless of the color of your skin … How refreshing.

Mexico is surprisingly diverse. There are people from all over the world living in Mexico. There are white and black people from all around the globe and there are also a wide-range of Mexican nationals. “Mestizos,” the largest of all racial groups in Mexico, are Mexicans who do not identify as belonging to any one group. They are usually a mix of indigenous people and Europeans. It is important to mention that the term “Mestizo” is not being used as widely within Mexico as it once was—in fact it has been taken off of the census. The word “Mestizo” has somewhat pejorative connotations and most of the Mexican citizens who would be defined as mestizos in the sociological literature would probably self-identify primarily as Mexicans.

Most Arab countries are still quite homogenous.

So—what does all of this demographic information tell us?
For one it tells us that there seems to be two main factors to racial demographics in any given country. 1. Politics, and
2. Wealth

Democratic and progressive countries, regardless of where they are in the world, have diverse populations, and wealthy countries are the most diverse of all. As developing countries gain wealth—they will also gain immigrants, from everywhere in the world.

Countries where the citizens have fewer freedoms have a less diverse population.

White nationalists often scoff at the idea that the United States is a “melting pot.” But they seem to forget, or ignore that this country, from its inception, has been a safe haven for the lost people of the world. Many forget the words of Emma Lazarus, which are inscribed on the Statue of Liberty: “give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

Oh. And can I just mention that, as far as the U.S. goes… We (white Europeans) INVADED SOMEONE ELSE’S LAND! It was not ours to begin with! Mexicans have a much more significant claim to it than any “European American,” because this land belonged to the indigenous people who were ALREADY here! People who were killed and whose culture was destroyed.
Of course, white nationalists don’t agree with that. They think that white people were here first.
And that is just too much nonsense to even humor.

2. Finally, “anti-racist is a code word for anti-white:” that’s just pure nonsense. Those groups of people who are actually anti-white, groups like the black separatists (who are just as bad as the white separatists), make no bones about being anti-white. They don’t feel the need to hide behind rhetoric. The rest of us aren’t anti-white, or anti-black, or anti-brown, or anti-anybody. That’s the point. We are pro-everybody. Being anti-racist does not mean that you are expected to marry and procreate with someone of another race; it means that you are expected to not look down on those who do.

So next time you see the mantra, or bits of the mantra, posted in the comments section of a news article or a youtube video—please take a minute to tell them that you don’t buy it. Feel free to post a link back to this article, if you’d like.

Diversity is born of freedom. We are a free and diverse nation, and we are proud of it.