What’s Wrong with ‘White Pride,’ Anyway?

Posted: August 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

What’s Wrong With “White Pride,” anyway?

By Barbara Rae Young

White nationalists use it as a regular talking point: “if there is nothing wrong with having black pride, or brown pride, or yellow pride—then why is it wrong to have white pride?”
The thing is—they always refuse to listen to the answers. And that is because by the time a person is posting on a white nationalist web site like stormfront.org they are probably too far gone. There is simply no opposing argument that I have tried, heard, or am smart enough to come up with, that will get them to change their minds.
Those people are lost to us.
But there are many people who are not. There are many Americans that are just out there living their lives and trying to make a living and raise a family in a very tough economic and political environment. And a lot of those people are white. The struggling white Americans—they are the people that the white nationalists are trying desperately to recruit to their ranks. And in far too many cases, they are succeeding.
As I’ve mentioned in a previous article, participation in hate groups has increased by more than 69% since the year 2000—and that’s just in the United States.
White nationalists are working diligently to recruit good people. They want your neighbor, your friends, your children, your parents, your spouse, and they want you (as long as you’re white of course).

It’s time we take an honest look at why these people are being recruited, and what, if anything, we can do to prevent it.

There are many issues that pull people toward white nationalism—an ailing economy, terrorism, and general fear of losing the U.S.’s white majority are among the top reasons.
In later articles I will discuss each of those issues at length. But for today let’s just use this common scenario:
Mr. Joe Whiteguy is out of work and he can’t find a new job. He has been looking, and looking but it seems that he is under qualified for a lot of jobs and over qualified for even more. His father-in-law tells Joe’s wife that her husband is just plain lazy. Back in his day if a man was out of work he went to the orchards and picked fruit, he mowed lawns, he cleaned toilets—he did whatever he could to provide for his family. Everything Joe tells his father –in-law about how he has tried all of that but couldn’t get hired, sounds like an excuse. Mrs. Whiteguy is forced to work hours of overtime and they still have to borrow money from her parents just to make ends meet. Joe Whiteguy is pissed.
Joe Whiteguy tried to get a janitorial position but none were available. Now everywhere he goes he looks around and sees that most of the janitors are minorities. He can’t remember when he last saw a white janitor. He wouldn’t even try to get an agricultural job—because everyone knows those are only for Mexican immigrants, and he was turned down by fast food places because he was “over qualified.” Now each time that he goes through the drive through he notices that the people working at the restaurants seem to be getting younger and browner.
Joe gets more and more pissed off every day. Joe and his family are turned down for welfare (because of Mrs. Whiteguy’s job and benefits). But Joe see’s all this stuff on the news and on the internet about how illegal immigrants are getting welfare (which isn’t true at all, by the way—but Joe isn’t aware of that)! And, damn-straight that pisses him off!
Joe spends a lot of time on the internet and eventually runs into a white nationalist posting on a news article. This guy posting on the article is making a lot of sense to Joe. He is saying that the immigrants have stolen all of the jobs and that it’s only going to get worse as long as the liberals and President Obama have their way. Joe chats back and forth via comments with this other guy on the internet. Eventually Joe’s new friend starts talking about how not only are the Mexicans taking all the jobs but how they and other minorities plan to take over the entire country. “Did you know that white people are already a minority in some states and that in 20 years from now there will be more Mexicans than ‘regular Americans’ in the U.S.? “
Joe looks it up. It seems to be true.
“And they are keeping us down by making us ashamed to be white,” Joe’s new internet friend says.
“We can’t even talk about being white— because if we do–we are being racist. If we don’t like the president—we are racist. If we even bring up the population issue or say that we support immigration reform—we’re labeled racists!”
Joe sees the truth in that statement. Internet guy continues, “think about it—they have black pride groups and Mexican pride groups—but if we even think about having white pride we are nothing but a disgusting racist. Why is that Joe?”
Joe doesn’t know.
Joe’s new friend invites him to check out some web sites.

And that’s how recruitment into white nationalism is often done.

I have heard these arguments time and time again. People want a simple and easy answer to them—but it’s a very complex issue. You can’t have this conversation without understanding more than 200 years of American history and tradition. You must understand the struggles of the Civil Rights movement and the history of illegal Hispanic deportation in the United States to really have a firm grasp on all of this. And let’s face it: too many of us can’t even tell you who the 16th president of the United States was—let alone the significance of the 14th amendment to the Constitution.

So how can we make it simple? Let’s re-state the question: if it’s OK to have black pride and Hispanic pride, and Asian pride—why is it not OK to have white pride?

First off: because white is not a race. White people are found all over the world. There is no one place of origin, no shared culture, no shared identity. We are all different.

But black is a race? YES. Slavery erased the identities of black Africans. Most black people living in the United States right now do not know where their families came from. If they are lucky enough to have family history dating back to the last slave in their family, chances are—they still do not know from which country their ancestors came. Also, black people in the United States have a shared cultural identity. As a group they have been enslaved, discriminated against, under-represented in politics, segregated, harassed, and terrorized. Black people continue to be marginalized, looked down on, and feared.
Hispanic people have had similar issues. Did you know that Hispanic people (whose origins are from many different countries) were rounded up and deported to Mexico without regards to their legal United States citizenship as late as 1954 in an official operation lovingly referred to as “Operation Wetback?” The lynching of people of Hispanic descent continued all the way into the 1970s!

This is not ancient history, folks.

Japanese Americans were of course rounded up and sent to internment camps right here in the United States during WWII.

And those are just a few examples of racial injustice in the United States.
White people as a group, have never, EVER had to endure these things.

OK. So… maybe minorities have had a tough go of it. But that doesn’t have anything to do with white people being proud of their own heritage, right?

Of course not. We, as white people have every right to be proud of our ancestry just like anyone else. But we can’t use the word “white” to describe our heritage—because white ISN’T a heritage. We can be proud of being Irish, or Italian, or Scottish, or German. We can celebrate the rich history of Nordic tradition and take pride in the accomplishments of the Romans. We can have Renaissance fairs and buy copies of our family crests. We can enjoy the stories of British royalty and be proud of tracing our lineage back to the Mayflower. There is nothing at all wrong with that and I don’t think that any reasonable person would try to deny you the right to your proud ancestry.

But when your pride in your ancestry becomes hatred for someone else—there is a problem.

“But what happens when whites are the minority,” Joe asks me, “won’t we have a shared identity then? Won’t WE be the minorities then?”

Maybe. And this is definitely something we can talk about. We should start this conversation next time you go to WalMart and can’t find a white blonde-haired blue eyed doll for your daughter. Or maybe we can talk about it next time a white person shows up to work with a hangover and his co-workers talk amongst themselves about how, “those white people are just like that…”
How about we talk about it when the majority of congress is non-white? Or perhaps when a stranger randomly tells us to ‘go back to our own country — not realizing that we, and three generations of our family before us, were born right here in the United States.
When it becomes impossible to find Christmas movies on TV because they’re all about Hanukkah, or when the congregation of a white protestant church finds a burning cross on their lawn.

“But if we don’t do something about it now—that WILL happen, won’t it?” Joe asks.

Well, it’s anyone’s guess. But no, I don’t think that it will. Because our population isn’t being taken over by “Mexicans” or “blacks” or “Arabs”—people are mixing. As we all know, this is the melting pot of the world and people are being born multi-cultural more than ever before. It’s not so much that white people are being replaced—it’s that they are being incorporated into other cultures. The United States census doesn’t really give us the chance to declare our European heritage on the record unless it is PURE European heritage. If our mother is white and our father is half white/half Mexican American we are kind of forced to declare “Hispanic” as our race, aren’t we? Because the census is worded “white—NON HISPANIC.”
If you think about it this way—other races are declining just as much as white people. They are simply being over-represented in the census while white people are being under represented.

So in conclusion, there is nothing wrong with being proud of one’s heritage. We just need to be open-minded enough to incorporate other cultures into our own. After all, what is wrong with being proud of our combined heritage?


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